Hear What Our Happy and Satisfied Customers Brianne Smith and Janice Kennedy Say About KIDRUS Kids smart watch

‚ÄúI saw the KIDRUS Kids smart watch online and I got it for my daughter because she's a little bit of a troublemaker.The watch has a lot of other features too like phone calls, video calls, etc.¬† My daughter loves the watch too! She wears it all day long and likes being able to capture her own photos!‚Ä̬†- Brianne., 36, Kentucky -¬†

"I love this watch! It's so easy to use and it keeps my kids safe. I can see where they are, and if they need me, I just have to press a button and I'm there. And my kids love it! They love the camera function and it makes them the coolest kids in class!  " - Janice., 34, California - 



Get the KIDRUS Kids Smart Watch For Your Loved One!

As we continue to make our lives more convenient and connected, a smartwatch can be the perfect solution to many of these daily activities.

And Smartwatch for Kids Is The Best Way To Make Sure Your Kids' Safety

If you're a parent, you know that protecting your kids can be a full-time job. Between their school schedules, extracurricular activities,etc. With the KIDRUS Kids Smart Watch, you can message, call or track your kids simply with one click. 

KIDRUS Kids Smart Watch is specially designed for kids. With the wifi and GPS tracking  as well as message and dial in function, you can be 24/7 connected with your kids. And don't forget the built-in camera, let your child capture every fun moment!

KIDRUS Kids Smart Watch will be your kids' favourite accessory!


Introducing KIDRUS Kids Smart Watch: The Next Generation of Smart Watches!!

Simply download the KIDRUS app do you can track your loved one with you phone anytime. It monitors your child's location at all times and get alerts when they go out of range or do something dangerous. And if your kid is an adventurer at heart, KIDRUS will allow you to set up geofences around certain places so you'll know if they leave them.


Outstanding Features of KIDRUS Kids Smart Watch

  • Completely New Design¬†- Silicone strap, vibration sensor and a lovely 2.5D curved glass to make it the best in the market.
  • Connectivity and Communication¬†- supports¬†wifi and GPS tracking. Message and¬†dial anytime.
  • Accurate Tracking¬†-¬† accurate GPS tracker, so you can view your children's exact location in real time on a map.
  • Built in Camera¬†- comes with a built-in HD camera¬†equipped with¬†video recorder
  • 12 Hours¬†Battery Power¬†-¬†1 charge per day
  • IPx7 WaterProof
  • Stop Watch and Alarm Clock
  • Torch


Take A Look At Sophie’s Ultimate Experience with KIDRUS Kids smart watch

"I got this watch for my daughters and I'm so impressed! The screen is big and clear, they can play funny filters, make calls, see texts from me and their friends, and even go on video calling  when I'm not around. Best of all, I don't have to worry about them leaving the house alone or getting lost ever again!" Sophie., 35, California - 



Colors: Blue/ Pink

Dimension: 10cm * 10cm

Product Includes

1 / 2 x KIDRUS Kids smart watch 


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